original artwork by Ujwal Mantha 2020

The Struggle for Identity:

from Scarborough College to the University of Scarborough 1964-present

We began this journey to tell a story of our campus, the University of Toronto Scarborough, from its beginnings as Scarborough College in 1964 to the present. We quickly discovered that the struggles of today have deep roots in our collective past – the continuing struggle for identity, diversity and all forms of representation, the role of technology and innovation, to name a few. We invite you to share in some of what we’ve learned

Our aim…To craft an institutional memoir of the University of Toronto Scarborough (formerly Scarborough College), in order to better understand ourselves and the variety of complex and changing narratives that make up the life story of our campus.

To preserve the oral histories collected in a digital archive intended for public listening and future education and research.

Our commitment…To complicate and challenge what we think we know about UTSC, its history and role in the history of higher education.

To include as many  experiences and narratives as possible and to recognize the importance of each participant’s lived experience; acknowledging that in the broader context of the institutional history, individual experiences and memories do have weight and meaning.

Oral Histories