Audiograms & Videoshorts

Below is just a sample of the many stories collected to help us convey the complicated story of our struggle for identity.  Audiograms are roughly 1 minute in length, video shorts 2 to 3 minutes. These story excerpts are drawn from our collection of oral histories and selected because they illustrates the major themes of our research and the continued struggle for identity in compelling ways.  For more stories please browse the oral histories on this site at: Oral Histories or for the whole collection visit: Stories of UTSC

“The Glass Ceiling Was a Mile Thick”

“The Glass Ceiling Was a Mile Thick” Stephanie Geddes, who was a part of the first graduating class of UTSC in 1968, here speaks about her experience as a woman student at Hart House, a popular student centre at the St. George campus.  To listen to Stephanie’s oral history with

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The Scarborough Situation

The Scarborough Situation Amorell Saunders N’Daw, a Scarborough local who has worked in various administrative positions at UTSC, discusses how the university’s physical location has affected its approach to community outreach and inclusion.  To listen to Amorell’s oral history, click here. Conceived and produced by Amena Ahmed. All images courtesy

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A Humble Campus

A Humble Campus Kim McLean, a UTSC alum who later served as the university’s Chief Administrative Officer (1999-2012), discusses the feelings of uncertainty surrounding plans for campus growth during her time in administration.  To listen to Kim’s oral history, click here. To learn more about the gradual growth of the UTSC

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Lobbying for Student Residences

Lobbying for Student Residences David Onley, UTSC alum and former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, here recalls one of his first initiatives as a student leader: lobbying with his peers for student residences on campus in the 1980s, much to administrative chagrin.  To listen to David’s oral history, click here. To

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“You Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in Jeans”

“You Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in Jeans” Bruce and Stephanie Geddes, who were a part of the first graduating class of UTSC and are currently a part of the UTSC Alumni Association, here discuss fashion trends they saw on campus in the mid-1960s.  To listen to Bruce and Stephanie’s oral

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Working Your Way Through

Working Your Way Through Devon Muhic and Sandra Baxter Muhic, a mother-daughter pair who attended UTSC in the 1990s and 1970s, respectively, describe the work ethic that characterizes the UTSC student body and the effects of this ethic on the nature of student life at the university.  To listen to

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