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The oral histories housed on this site are a small selection of the larger collection that can be found on an external site here: Stories of UTSC

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The N’sheemaehn Child Care Centre

The N’sheemaehn Child Care Centre Kim McLean, a UTSC alum who served as the university’s Chief Administrative Officer from 1999-2012, here discusses the N’sheemaehn Child Care Centre, which is located right on campus, and explains how big of a support the Centre was for her as a young working mother.  To listen to Kim’s oral […]

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January 20, 2024

Oral History with Roxanne Ma

Roxanne Ma talks about her student journey at UTSC and how being part of a diverse community helped her to unpack her own identity as a woman of Asian heritage. She shares what it was like growing up in a predominantly white suburb of Ottawa and how coming to a campus community where she was […]

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January 19, 2024

Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion Roxanne Ma, a graduate of the International Development Studies program at UTSC, recalls her experience working at the UTSC Women’s and Trans Centre as a student, and explains what that experience meant to her as someone who is passionate about gender equity and activism.  To listen to Roxanne’s oral history, click here. […]

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Oral History with Michelle Stinson

Michelle Stinson speaks about the impact the Women’s and Gender Studies program had on her as a student and as a community member of Scarborough. A strong supporter of Women’s and Gender Studies, she shares her sense of how the programme is undervalued by the institution. Michelle talks about the diversity in the campus and […]

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The Little Things

The Little Things Michelle Stinson, a graduate of the Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) and Sociology programs at UTSC, explains her view of the treatment of the WGS program within the larger academic structure of UTSC.  To listen to Michelle’s oral history, click here. Conceived and produced by Amena Ahmed. All images courtesy of Asha […]

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UTSC on Film

UTSC on Film What do Dennis Villeneuve’s Enemy (2013), Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water (2017), Kristoffer Borgli’s Dream Scenario (2023), and The Weeknd’s music video for “Secrets” (2017) all have in common? They were all shot, at least partially, at UTSC! Believe it or not, our campus has become a favourite of both […]

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Oral History with Mitzie Hunter

Mitzie Hunter, MPP for Scarborough-Guildwood and former student, talks about the path that led her to UTSC. She describes her time as an entrepreneur and student, as well as her experience becoming the third Black female MPP. She discusses the importance of embracing diversity, collaboration, and pursuing one’s own ambitions in the face of adversity. […]

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“The Choices are Infinite”

“The Choices are Infinite” Mitzie Hunter, UTSC alum and Canadian politician, explains how embracing the diversity of the UTSC student body allowed her to overcome some of her internalized biases as a young Black woman.  To listen to Mitzie’s oral history, click here. Conceived and produced by Amena Ahmed. All images courtesy of Steve Russell, […]

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Oral History with Audrey Glasbergen

Audrey Glasbergen speaks about her experience working as a receptionist and later an Administrative Assistant in multiple departments at UTSC since 1980. She reflects on her over 35 years of service and the changes that she has witnessed, such as a shifting social environment as a result of growing student and faculty numbers, the expansion […]

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Making the Most out of UTSC

Making the Most out of UTSC Audrey Glasbergen, a Scarborough local who has worked in administration at UTSC for several years, here recalls the various extracurricular activities available on campus for students, staff, and faculty in the university’s early years.  To listen to Audrey’s oral history, click here. Conceived and produced by Amena Ahmed. All […]

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