Audiograms & Videoshorts

Below is just a sample of the many stories collected to help us convey the complicated story of our struggle for identity.  Audiograms are roughly 1 minute in length, video shorts 2 to 3 minutes. These story excerpts are drawn from our collection of oral histories and selected because they illustrates the major themes of our research and the continued struggle for identity in compelling ways.  For more stories please browse the oral histories on this site at: Oral Histories or for the whole collection visit: Stories of UTSC

“I Never Imagined a Campus This Diverse”

“I Never Imagined a Campus This Diverse” Charles C. Smith, former UTSC faculty, describes his experiences teaching in UTSC classrooms, and the ways in which the lived experiences of a diverse body of students contributes to an enriched learning experience for both students and faculty.  To listen to Charles’ oral

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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? Nehal El-Hadi, former UTSC faculty, recalls her experience teaching at UTSC, explaining the importance of actively fostering connections with students and the significance of inclusivity to effective pedagogical practice.  To listen to Nehal’s oral history, click here. Conceived and produced by Amena Ahmed. All images courtesy

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Making a Buzz on Campus

Making a Buzz on Campus Brian Hamlin, UTSC’s resident beekeeper, explains the nature of the beekeeping process and the role of bees in the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem, as well as the benefits of apiaries on campus.  To listen to Brian’s oral history, click here. Conceived and produced

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Learning What to Call Myself

Learning What to Call Myself Marie Mathai, who worked as a Case Manager at the University of Toronto’s tri-campus Community Safety Office in 2017, here discusses the diverse makeup of the UTSC community and explains the “culture shock” she initially experienced when arriving on campus for the first time.  To

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20 Countries in One Classroom

20 Countries in One Classroom Sylvia Mittler, an Associate Professor of French in the Department of Language Studies at UTSC, here discusses changes in the makeup of the UTSC student body over time, noting that an increase in student diversity has led to an increased demand for more diverse language

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The Old Fine Art Studio

The Old Fine Art Studio Will Kwan, former UTSC student and current Associate Professor in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media, shares student recollections of the early Fine Arts Studio that occupied the space now used by the UTSC Book Store.  To listen to Will’s oral history, click here.

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