“We’re Going to Move Against Your Moms and Dads”: The Black Panther Party Comes to Scarborough College

     The Black Panther Party (BPP) came to Scarborough College to inspire a Black revolution. “Black is beautiful”, they declared to Scarborough College’s predominantly white student population in March 1970. Six members of the BPP from Chicago took the stage in the Meeting Place in front of a large group of curious students to give a talk on their activist movement – and particularly, the politics of higher education in North America (The Willowdale Mirror, “What’s […]

The Students of 1984 who Refused to Write Their Exams – and Got a Zero!

   In 1984, thirty-six of Scarborough Colleges’ sociology students enrolled in SOCB24F: Sociology of Education; Primary and Secondary Levels, refused to write their end-of-the-term exam which would make up 30% of their final mark (Donlevy 1984)! According to the students, to comply with writing an exam meant going against everything they were taught by their […]