The stories contained in the blog posts below come primarily from material revealed during our archival research: institutional documents, meeting minutes, student and faculty publications, local and regional newspapers and special collections.  We continue to do our best to share the most interesting and sometimes quirky stories from the past that are still in many ways relevant today.  Click on the image or the title to read the full blog entry.

One Way Tray to the Valley

While present UTSC students look forward to cross-country skiing or winter hikes in the valley, former students of the ‘60s and ‘70s turned to the cafeteria for some outdoor winter fun. Yes, you read that correctly – students piled into the campus cafeteria in anticipation of heading outside. Upon finishing

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Welcome to the History of the University of Toronto Scarborough blog site. Over the next few weeks and months we will share with you the great stories and memories that we are uncovering in our research. Some will delight and some will surprise. Stay tuned!

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