Our Research

We are interested in the history of the land occupied by the campus – the indigenous history, the settler history, the initial acquisition of the land by the province and then the university.  The relationship between the university and the land involves community relations of all kinds and has influenced the nature and development of programs.

The Scarborough College Shuttle Bus

The remote location of Scarborough College required creative transportation.  Jennifer reflects the early days of the 1960s and the shuttle bus.

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Credits: Conceived & produced, soundbites & images sourced and curated by Maria Bacchus.

We are interested in the stories of all groups within the our campus community – faculty, students and staff.  We are focusing on diversity broadly defined, student life, identity and how things have changed overtime.

Fighting Colonialism Everyday

Diane Hill, a third-year UTSC student, interviewed in May 2015, provides a snapshot of her experience as an indigenous woman coming from the reserve to UTSC in 2012. 

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Credits: Conceived & produced, soundbites & images sourced, curated by Jennifer Lee; edited by Christine Berkowitz

The Old Fine Art Studio...

Will Kwan shares his fond recollections of the old Fine Arts Studio.

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Credits: Conceived & produced, soundbites & images sourced, curated and edited by Christine Berkowitz

There are many issues that draw our attention in relation to the evolution of our institution – the changing role of technology, the influence of the changing political and economic conditions on enrollment and program development, changing governance and management structures influenced by the struggle for greater autonomy.

The Changing Role of Technology

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Credits: Conceived & produced; soundbites & images sourced, curated, & edited by Christine Bekowitz

original artwork by Ujwal Mantha 2020 https://www.ujwalmantha.com/