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Oral History with Sylvia Mittler

Professor Sylvia Mittler speaks about her French courses at UTSC and how language intertwines with history and culture. Speaking about diversity and language, Professor Mittler goes on to share how the campus has incorporated French culture in its events and how campus cultural activities have changed over time. To listen

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20 Countries in One Classroom

20 Countries in One Classroom Sylvia Mittler, an Associate Professor of French in the Department of Language Studies at UTSC, here discusses changes in the makeup of the UTSC student body over time, noting that an increase in student diversity has led to an increased demand for more diverse language

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The Renegade Campus

The Renegade Campus Adrian De Leon, a UTSC alum, discusses perceptions of UTSC within the larger University of Toronto community, including the discrimination to which the campus is subject due to its largely racialized, working class student body.  To listen to Adrian’s oral history, click here.  https://youtu.be/MQD3uXYz4hU Conceived and produced

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