The Institution.

There are many issues that draw our attention in relation to the evolution of our institution – the changing role of technology, the influence of the changing political and economic conditions on enrollment and program development, changing governance and management structures influenced by the struggle for greater autonomy.

The Institution TRANSPARENT

Oral History with Will Kwan

Will Kwan, an artist who studied in the Arts Management program at UTSC from 1997 to 2002, recounts his time at UTSC both as a student and later (2007) as an Associate Professor. Will identified first and foremost as an artist as he goes on to describe career trajectories in

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The Old Fine Art Studio

The Old Fine Art Studio Will Kwan, former UTSC student and current Associate Professor in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media, shares student recollections of the early Fine Arts Studio that occupied the space now used by the UTSC Book Store.  To listen to Will’s oral history, click here.

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Oral History with Kevin Wright

A lifelong resident of Scarborough, Kevin Wright, reflects upon UTSC theatre production and the larger campus. A theatre production manager in the Leigha Lee Browne Theatre and course instructor in the Arts, Culture, and Media Department since 1995, he discusses joining UTSC at a transitional time of technological change, as

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Television Studio to Theatre

Television Studio to Theatre Kevin Wright, former Production Manager of the LLBT Theatre, talks about the origins and challenges associate with the theatre in the original television studio and its eventual evolution into the theatre as we know it today.  To listen to Kevin’s oral history, click here. Conceived and produced

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Oral History with Franca Iacovetta

Professor Franca Iacovetta joined the History program in the Division of Humanities at UTSC in 1990, the first hire in 13 years and the second woman in the program. Franca is now a retired preeminent scholar of immigration/ women’s history. She shares a bit of her earlier life history and

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Oral History with Tanya Mars

Tanya Mars, retired Senior Lecturer, discusses her less conventional road to becoming a performance artist and then senior lecturer and program director at UTSC. Her story begins in the 1960s in the American Midwest and fron there to Montreal and university in 1967. She describes her work in the 70s

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