The Institution.

There are many issues that draw our attention in relation to the evolution of our institution – the changing role of technology, the influence of the changing political and economic conditions on enrollment and program development, changing governance and management structures influenced by the struggle for greater autonomy.

The Institution TRANSPARENT

Connecting Campuses

Connecting Campuses Jennifer talks about the early transportation challenges and the shuttle bus provided by the university to transport students from the St. George campus to Scarborough College from the 1970s to the 90s.  To listen to Jennifer’s oral history, click here. Conceived and produced by Maria Bacchus. All

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Oral History with Naresh Sritharan

Naresh Sritharan began his student career at UTSC in 2013. Growing up in Scarborough, Naresh looked forward to experiencing university in the community; he took programs in Human and Physical Geography, Psychology, and Statistics. During his undergraduate years, Naresh also worked in the student recruitment and admissions office advising prospective

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Students filling out forms in the Science Wing, possibly for course enrollment, dated to 1969.

An Ode to Course Enrollment Woes 

Course enrollment at UTSC for the Fall 2023/Winter 2024 terms begins July 5th for first year students and July 13th and 11th, respectively, for second and third-year students. For some, these days represent when students race to ACORN and rapidly click the “enroll” button before their required courses and coveted

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The Building(s) of UTSC: A Social Timeline of UTSC

Did you know that the UTSC library was housed in many locations (including the Bendale Library, in the upper levels of SW, and even in a barn) before being established in its current home in the Academic Resource Centre? Or that the Leigha Lee Browne Theatre was built on the

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