The People.

We are interested in the stories of all groups within the our campus community – faculty, students and staff.  We are focusing on diversity broadly defined, student life, identity and how things have changed overtime.


Oral History with Charles C. Smith

Professor Charles C. Smith, as the Cultural Liaison at UTSC, reflects on the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity at UTSC and its importance. Professor Smith came to UTSC in 2001 as a Lecturer in Cultural Pluralism in the Arts. He addresses the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and

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“I Never Imagined a Campus This Diverse”

“I Never Imagined a Campus This Diverse” Charles C. Smith, former UTSC faculty, describes his experiences teaching in UTSC classrooms, and the ways in which the lived experiences of a diverse body of students contributes to an enriched learning experience for both students and faculty.  To listen to Charles’ oral

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Oral History with Nehal El-Hadi

Nehal El-Hadi was a Teaching Assistant at UTSC (2010) in the City Studies Program in the Department of Human Geography and a PhD student at the St. George campus. She shares her experience before coming to UTSC, including immigrating to Canada and living first in Thorncliffe Park, moving to Saskatchewan,

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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? Nehal El-Hadi, former UTSC faculty, recalls her experience teaching at UTSC, explaining the importance of actively fostering connections with students and the significance of inclusivity to effective pedagogical practice.  To listen to Nehal’s oral history, click here. Conceived and produced by Amena Ahmed. All images courtesy

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Oral History with Brian Hamlin

As a vendor at the UTSC Farmers’ Market, Brian Hamlin discusses how he established rooftop beehives here at UTSC. He talks about how these beehives are just one of the many initiatives he has been involved in to bring bees into the city. He reflects on the educational aspect of

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Oral History with Marie Mathai

Marie Mathai, a case manager at the Community Safety Centre, touches upon the services and supports that the Centre provides. She talks about the ways that the Centre addresses safety concerns, as well as the resources offered to students and faculty on campus. She mentions collaboration between the centre and

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