Bruce and Stephanie Geddes are members of UTSC’s Alumni Association and were part of the first graduating class of UTSC, attending from 1966 to 1968. They describe the culture of the 1960s – the dress code for men and women, carrying books in briefcases and the impact of the various social and political movements of the time. They paint an interesting picture of what the campus and surrounding area looked like in the mid-60s, “way out in the boonies.” They comment on the demographic composition of Scarborough and the Scarborough campus and how much it has changed. Stephanie and Bruce also reflect on the role of technology in their education, their memorable class experiences, connections with the St. George Campus, and the lasting legacy UTSC has had on their lives.

Researchers: Adon Irani, Ahmed Allahwala
Date: February 3, 2016