“We’ve heard the story of “change will come” long enough:” Gender Equity at UTSC

Scarborough College celebrated it’s twentieth anniversary in 1984, the same year the University of Toronto celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the admission of the first woman to University College, 1884. As part of the celebrations, the Scarborough College Women’s Centenary Committee sponsored a production of The Sweet Girl Graduate (“Women’s Centenary Committee” 1985). Written in 1882 […]

Gudrun Curri: A Pathbreaking Career

Dr. Gudrun Curri was University of Toronto Scarborough’s first female non-academic Registrar. After departing Scarborough College in the late 1980s, Dr. Curri pursued graduate studies and joined the Management faculty at Dalhousie. She passed in September 2022.   In 1973, Gudrun Curri was working as an administrator in Simcoe Hall when she was approached to apply […]