The Institution.

There are many issues that draw our attention in relation to the evolution of our institution – the changing role of technology, the influence of the changing political and economic conditions on enrollment and program development, changing governance and management structures influenced by the struggle for greater autonomy.

The Institution TRANSPARENT

Oral History with Kim McLean

As a UTSC student (1980s) and later Chief Administrative Officer (1999-2012), Kim McLean reflects upon her position as a woman at a senior administrative level and the changes that she has seen take place on campus since the 1980s. In particular, she talks about the changing gender and racial diversity

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A Humble Campus

A Humble Campus Kim McLean, a UTSC alum who later served as the university’s Chief Administrative Officer (1999-2012), discusses the feelings of uncertainty surrounding plans for campus growth during her time in administration.  To listen to Kim’s oral history, click here. To learn more about the gradual growth of the UTSC

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Lobbying for Student Residences

Lobbying for Student Residences David Onley, UTSC alum and former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, here recalls one of his first initiatives as a student leader: lobbying with his peers for student residences on campus in the 1980s, much to administrative chagrin.  To listen to David’s oral history, click here. To

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Oral History with Bruce and Stephanie Geddes

Bruce and Stephanie Geddes are members of UTSC’s Alumni Association and were part of the first graduating class of UTSC, attending from 1966 to 1968. They describe the culture of the 1960s – the dress code for men and women, carrying books in briefcases and the impact of the various

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Oral History with Charles C. Smith

Professor Charles C. Smith, as the Cultural Liaison at UTSC, reflects on the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity at UTSC and its importance. Professor Smith came to UTSC in 2001 as a Lecturer in Cultural Pluralism in the Arts. He addresses the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and

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Oral History with Marie Mathai

Marie Mathai, a case manager at the Community Safety Centre, touches upon the services and supports that the Centre provides. She talks about the ways that the Centre addresses safety concerns, as well as the resources offered to students and faculty on campus. She mentions collaboration between the centre and

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