The People.

We are interested in the stories of all groups within the our campus community – faculty, students and staff.  We are focusing on diversity broadly defined, student life, identity and how things have changed overtime.


Oral History with Adrian De Leon

Adrian De Leon discusses his rationale for attending UTSC in 2012 and reflects upon his time as Vice President of Academics for the SCSU (Scarborough Campus Students’ Union) and as part of the tri-campus Governing Council. Prompted to speak on themes of community, inclusion, and exclusion, De Leon recounts staging

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The Renegade Campus

The Renegade Campus Adrian De Leon, a UTSC alum, discusses perceptions of UTSC within the larger University of Toronto community, including the discrimination to which the campus is subject due to its largely racialized, working class student body.  To listen to Adrian’s oral history, click here. Conceived and produced

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Oral History with Franca Iacovetta

Professor Franca Iacovetta joined the History program in the Division of Humanities at UTSC in 1990, the first hire in 13 years and the second woman in the program. Franca is now a retired preeminent scholar of immigration/ women’s history. She shares a bit of her earlier life history and

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Oral History with Tanya Mars

Tanya Mars, retired Senior Lecturer, discusses her less conventional road to becoming a performance artist and then senior lecturer and program director at UTSC. Her story begins in the 1960s in the American Midwest and fron there to Montreal and university in 1967. She describes her work in the 70s

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Oral History with Amorell Saunders N’Daw

Amorell Saunders N’Daw describes her work in administration at UTSC beginning in 2002 and living in Scarborough since 1994. She discusses her life journey, including growing up with fewer advantages and overcoming challenges while also trying to be a good parent to her kids. Amorell has held the positions of

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Oral History with Connie Guberman

Professor Connie Guberman came to the University of Toronto Scarborough College as a TA in the mid-1980s. At that time she was a graduate student in the department of Political Economy on the St. George Campus. Prof. Guberman has had an extensive career as an activist and scholar in the

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