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Canada in 2000: The Future Through a 1967 Lens

In 1967, the University College Alumnae Association asked a number of academics and other experts to discuss “what life would be like in Canada in the year 2000”. Here is what they said: Dean W.E. Beckel of Scarborough College predicted that children would begin school at 3 years old instead of

Winter 1966: A Day in the Life of a Scarborough College Student

As you walk through Excellence Hall with laptop and Tim Hortons coffee in tote, do you ever wonder what a school day was like for those graduates pictured on the wall? As we begin another winter session, perhaps you wonder what it was like for those students who first walked

Gudrun Curri: A Pathbreaking Career

Dr. Gudrun Curri was University of Toronto Scarborough’s first female non-academic Registrar. After departing Scarborough College in the late 1980s, Dr. Curri pursued graduate studies and joined the Management faculty at Dalhousie. She passed in September 2022.   In 1973, Gudrun Curri was working as an administrator in Simcoe Hall when

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