Did you know that the UTSC library was housed in many locations (including the Bendale Library, in the upper levels of SW, and even in a barn) before being established in its current home in the Academic Resource Centre? Or that the Leigha Lee Browne Theatre was built on the remains of a television studio, which was built to revolutionize teaching at Scarborough College? These facts are just a part of the many stories that can be found within the walls of UTSC. The Building(s) of UTSC is the result of an exploration and compilation of these stories.  

Alongside tracking campus expansion, this thematic timeline also highlights how UTSC has been experienced by blending social and institutional history. By doing so, this timeline also sheds light on the external and internal factors, such as governmental funding and student initiatives, that have contributed to the making of the campus. This project is made possible through a collaboration with the University of Toronto Scarborough Archives, housed in the library. 

When asked about his impression of the campus, John Andrews, the original architect of the campus, remarked, “Basically, I’m satisfied with it, but what’s most gratifying is the use of the building. You know the idiom, ‘We make space; you make the place.’” (Williams and Rinne 1967). Taking inspiration from this quote, this timeline intertwines the institutional and social history of UTSC through charting the making of space and place. This refers to the physical development of the campus as well as how students, faculty, visitors, and guests have experienced these buildings. Thus, the title of the project draws upon the multiple meanings of “building” to describe both the buildings that make up the campus and how these spaces came to be. 

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