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The Students of 1984 who Refused to Write Their Exams – and Got a Zero!

   In 1984, thirty-six of Scarborough Colleges’ sociology students enrolled in SOCB24F: Sociology of Education; Primary and Secondary Levels, refused to write their end-of-the-term exam which would make up 30% of their final mark (Donlevy 1984)! According to the students, to comply with writing an exam meant going against everything

Vincent W. Bladen Library: A Students’ Demand

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re lucky to have online libraries available for our entertainment needs from the comfort of our own homes. In fact, can you imagine what it’d be like without a library, especially if you were a student? Scarborough College didn’t have a proper library until 1982, upon

Marooned?: The Issue of Identity

In October 1964, after the formal opening ceremonies for Scarborough College, Varsity news reporter Margaret Sisson confidently reflected, “Scarborough College…will be able to provide students with a source of identity within the University structure” (Sisson 1964). While the first classes of Scarborough College certainly actively negotiated (and fiercely contested) their “Scarborough Identity” (Marooned Feb. 1967), building a collective student identity and community miles

One Way Tray to the Valley

While present UTSC students look forward to cross-country skiing or winter hikes in the valley, former students of the ‘60s and ‘70s turned to the cafeteria for some outdoor winter fun. Yes, you read that correctly – students piled into the campus cafeteria in anticipation of heading outside. Upon finishing


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