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The collections housed on this site include blogs, audiograms, and video shorts conceived and produced by members of our research team, as well as a selection of the oral history interviews that we have conducted over the years. These materials are here searchable by format, theme, and tag, which can be filtered using the search tool in the left-hand sidebar below. 

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“The Choices are Infinite”

Mitzie Hunter, UTSC alum and Canadian politician, explains how embracing the diversity of the UTSC student body allowed her to overcome some of her internalized biases as a young Black woman.

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March 13, 2024

Oral History with Franco Vaccarino

Franco Vaccarino began his career at UTSC in 1984 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology. Between UTSC and a return to UofT as Chair of the Department of Psychology with responsibility for the tri-campus graduate program, he worked in several executive capacities at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Vaccarino […]

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Strategizing Space

Franco Vaccarino, who worked as an Associate Professor in the UTSC Department of Psychology before serving as the campus’ President from 2007-2014, speaks about the lack of instructional space on the original campus and some of the different strategies adopted to deal with this problem.

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The Arts Management Experience

Will Kwan, a UTSC alum and current UTSC faculty member in the Department of Arts, Culture, and Media, discusses his rationale for attending UTSC and an undergraduate student and describes the Arts Management program as a unique opportunity to explore his artistic creativity while building practical transferable skills.

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March 12, 2024

Oral History with Doug

Doug discusses his experience as a part of the second incoming class to what was then Scarborough College in 1966. He begins by discussing how Scarborough College allowed him to pursue his passion for English through a Bachelors of Arts degree despite his difficult Grade 13 experience. Doug then highlights the unique experiences that Scarborough […]

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Oral History with Roxanne Ma

Roxanne Ma talks about her student journey at UTSC and how being part of a diverse community helped her to unpack her own identity as a woman of Asian heritage. She shares what it was like growing up in a predominantly white suburb of Ottawa and how coming to a campus community where she was […]

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Finding Your Passion

Roxanne Ma, a graduate of the International Development Studies program at UTSC, recalls her experience working at the UTSC Women’s and Trans Centre as a student, and explains what that experience meant to her as someone who is passionate about gender equity and activism.

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The TV Campus

Doug, a UTSC alum who was a part of second incoming class of Scarborough College in 1966, here speaks about his experience working with the television studio on campus.

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March 3, 2024

Oral History with Nasir Alhuttam

Nasir Alhuttam is a Scarborough local who has run a hot dog stand on the UTSC campus since 2006. In this interview, he shares his experience immigrating to Scarborough, Ontario from Yemen and his motivations behind opening a food stand at UTSC. He discusses how his stand has grown alongside the campus, and describes the […]

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Everybody’s Hot Dog Stand

Nasir Alhuttam, a Scarborough local who has run a hot dog stand on the UTSC campus since 2006, here speaks about his motivations for running the stand and reflects on his campus experience thus far.

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