The Institution.

There are many issues that draw our attention in relation to the evolution of our institution – the changing role of technology, the influence of the changing political and economic conditions on enrollment and program development, changing governance and management structures influenced by the struggle for greater autonomy.

The Institution TRANSPARENT

Oral History with Amorell Saunders N’Daw

Amorell Saunders N’Daw describes her work in administration at UTSC beginning in 2002 and living in Scarborough since 1994. She discusses her life journey, including growing up with fewer advantages and overcoming challenges while also trying to be a good parent to her kids. Amorell has held the positions of

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Oral History with Connie Guberman

Professor Connie Guberman came to the University of Toronto Scarborough College as a TA in the mid-1980s. At that time she was a graduate student in the department of Political Economy on the St. George Campus. Prof. Guberman has had an extensive career as an activist and scholar in the

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Oral History with William Gough

William (Bill) Gough joined the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences in 1993 at UTSC and has since served in a number of administrative positions as well including as the Vice Principal Academic and Dean Bill describes his early educational journey and the benefit of co-operative education, that led him

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Oral History with Gudrun Curri

Dr. Gudrun Curri, the first non-academic Registrar at UTSC, reflects upon her time at UTSC from the early 1970s to the late 1980s. Having first worked at UTSG, Gudrun discusses the impression of Scarborough and UTSC from the St. George perspective, mentioning the nickname of “Scarberia” and the misconception that

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Picture Perfect: Seeing and Unseeing UTSC on Film

What makes a given location perfect for filming? It’s a big question. Location is, after all, arguably one of the most important aspects of film production, as filmmakers have to consider how to best translate the narrative charge of a story into a physical space. Location, in this sense, functions

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portrait of Shirley Criscione

Oral History with Shirley Criscione

Shirley Criscione shares her student experiences as one of the first graduates of Scarborough College in 1968. Shirley highlights how the campus culture was during those years, particularly the impact of having such a small student body (totalling less than 200 students). The campus community was tight knit, where “everybody

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