Picture Perfect: Seeing and Unseeing UTSC on Film

What makes a given location perfect for filming? It’s a big question. Location is, after all, arguably one of the most important aspects of film production, as filmmakers have to consider how to best translate the narrative charge of a story into a physical space. Location, in this sense, functions not only as a passive […]

“Jail”, “Frosty Stairwells”, “Cracked Pavement”, “Iconic”, “Comfortable”: The Varied First Impressions of UTSC 

Students seated by the UTSC sign

Welcome to the new school year. At this time, many begin new experiences here at UTSC. With such experiences comes memorable first impressions of the campus and community. When conducting oral histories for this project, our participants, who include alumni, faculty, staff, and community members, are often asked to describe their first impressions of UTSC. Below, […]

The Incoming Class of 1968… 

students on the steps of the old biology building on St. Geoge Campus

Every August since 1998, Beloit College has produced “The Mindset List,” a description of the social and cultural context shaping the lives of the fall incoming first year university classes in the United States. Excerpts from the list published in 2015 for the incoming class of 2019 (named for the year you graduate): students were most likely […]

An Ode to Course Enrollment Woes 

Students filling out forms in the Science Wing, possibly for course enrollment, dated to 1969.

Course enrollment at UTSC for the Fall 2023/Winter 2024 terms begins July 5th for first year students and July 13th and 11th, respectively, for second and third-year students. For some, these days represent when students race to ACORN and rapidly click the “enroll” button before their required courses and coveted tutorial or lab times are […]

The Building(s) of UTSC: A Social Timeline of UTSC

Did you know that the UTSC library was housed in many locations (including the Bendale Library, in the upper levels of SW, and even in a barn) before being established in its current home in the Academic Resource Centre? Or that the Leigha Lee Browne Theatre was built on the remains of a television studio, […]

“We’ve heard the story of “change will come” long enough:” Gender Equity at UTSC

Scarborough College celebrated it’s twentieth anniversary in 1984, the same year the University of Toronto celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the admission of the first woman to University College, 1884. As part of the celebrations, the Scarborough College Women’s Centenary Committee sponsored a production of The Sweet Girl Graduate (“Women’s Centenary Committee” 1985). Written in 1882 […]

Canada in 2000: The Future Through a 1967 Lens

In 1967, the University College Alumnae Association asked a number of academics and other experts to discuss “what life would be like in Canada in the year 2000”. Here is what they said: Dean W.E. Beckel of Scarborough College predicted that children would begin school at 3 years old instead of 5 or 6, and education […]

Winter 1966: A Day in the Life of a Scarborough College Student

As you walk through Excellence Hall with laptop and Tim Hortons coffee in tote, do you ever wonder what a school day was like for those graduates pictured on the wall? As we begin another winter session, perhaps you wonder what it was like for those students who first walked through the freshly poured concrete […]