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Affording Tuition: The History and Present of OSAP

Lee, Nancy. Protest banner against Ford’s OSAP changes in front of UTSC Student Centre. March 20, 2019. Scarborough.  As tuition fees continue to rise every year, student loan debt becomes more difficult to manage; the recent concerns with cost of living and the previous 2019 changes to the Ontario Student

Food for Thought: UTSC’s Favourite Recipes

Nestled in the quiet eastern end of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Scarborough has grown dramatically over the years: from an Indigenous gathering ground to a nineteenth-century colonial township, the city is now home to a vibrant, culturally diverse community that has allowed Scarborough to develop a unique identity of

Six Feet Under the Stars at UTSC

“… let us accept Scarab, ugly and venomous though it certainly seemed when we first visited it last July, looking forward to the novelty, beauty and peace of our proper home in Scarborough where, ‘exempt from public haunt’, we shall indeed find ‘Tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,

“We’re Going to Move Against Your Moms and Dads”: The Black Panther Party Comes to Scarborough College

     The Black Panther Party (BPP) came to Scarborough College to inspire a Black revolution. “Black is beautiful”, they declared to Scarborough College’s predominantly white student population in March 1970. Six members of the BPP from Chicago took the stage in the Meeting Place in front of a large group of curious students to give a talk on their activist movement – and particularly, the politics of higher

Making a Home in the Highlands: The Story of UTSC’s Student Residences

Arguably no situation has thrown postsecondary students and universities across Canada into as much confusion as the current COVID-19 pandemic. In an attempt to limit the spread of the virus over the past few months, most, if not all, of Canada’s major universities urged their students to move out of

“Highland Creek? Wasn’t Anything There”: The McLean Estate and UTSC in the 1960s

Do you recognize the landscape presented in the aerial photograph presented above? No? Take a closer look. Give up? This is an aerial landscape shot of Highland Creek community and campus land prior to Scarborough College’s construction in 1964 (photograph courtesy of the Scarborough Historical Society and Archives). With a current student population of nearly 13,000 and seemingly endless new building projects, it might be difficult to imagine a

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